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Arizona Landscape & Irrigation Solutions offers a free consultation with a quick turn-around design concept. Together, we can build off each other's ideas and help create a custom design that fits your home or office landscape. 

Clients express their gratitude when our designers and installers client-centric by listening and noting your ideas. We will look at grading, drainage area, decks, patios, and all phases of outdoor construction. We will get all the information we need during the consultation, so there are no hiccups across the various stages of the process.

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Free Consultation Includes

- A review of the custom inquiry found on your website or phone interview.


- Assessment of the property, Evaluations, photos, and all the data we need will be collected.


- Develop a budget that is reasonable and projects that will fit into this budget.


- The design of the property and the agreement contract.


The fee for projects will vary based on the work to be performed, the challenge that the site offers, and the timeline that it needs to be completed in. 

The Goal

 Our team of Scottsdale landscaping designers will conceptualize a plan to make sure the design & install is flawless and that the project is completed on time. Our design includes a virtual concept that includes planting designs and ideas, elevations, colors that will look good, perspectives, and even fly videos can be taken upon request. We believe any project should be both functional and visually appealing.  

Landscaping Scottsdale AZ


The Design Process

Will include the following:

  • Interviews with the client and an evaluation of the site to determine what needs to be done and any problem areas that need to be addressed 
  • A primary design. This will include hardscaping, laying out the plant beds, and a general idea of the materials that need to be used. An outline of the budget will be presented based on the design and materials. At this time any changes can be made 
  • The primary design will be revised as needed to fit into the final budget 
  • The client will be given a concept copy of the design including the specific patterns. They will also get the names of the plants being used and the information on them.
  • A final quote will be given to the client.

Our small-to-grand designs can be seen across Scottsdale. They are functional and add beauty to the outdoor living space. Our designs are never capped - the sky is the limit when it comes to design and installation. Reach out to our landscaping Scottsdale division and get started with a FREE consultation.

Landscaping Construction Services


Our service is known for being high-end, and have been featured in publications. We have over 20 years of experience in the business, and encompass an all-in-one boutique design studio quality. 

Our installers are known for working well in tight deadlines. We perform all of our work by in-house employees and have the ability to work with contractors that provide outside building services and are able to work on a large scale. We give our customers accurate estimates, reliable construction analysis, and on the job site customer service that cannot be matched. 

General Landscaping Services


  • Installation of the landscape 
  • Hardscape installation 
  • Water management including irrigation 
  • Special decorative ideas and structures 

Scottsdale Landscape Maintenance

Landscaping Project Management

 To ensure each project milestone is on-track, a dedicated senior manager will overlook all processes. This includes excavation, making sure the site has enough lighting, fencing in the project, any carpentry, installation of irrigation lines and water structures, and we use the latest software to make sure the project will be successful. 

An on-site manager will keep open communication and a live process schedule. Our contractors are licensed in the state of Arizona and all of our staff are highly experienced, trained, and motivated.

Customer service is #1. We put the needs of our client first and offer a start-to-finish seamless process.

Lawn Care & Desert Landscape Maintenance

We have competitive prices and flawless maintenance services to keep your property looking lush and fresh all year-long.


History of Scottsdale, Arizona

 This area of Arizona was first settled by the Europeans in 1888 and the name was called Scottsdale in 1894 after the founder Winfield Scott. By 1912, there was a full public school system as well as transportation. In 1993, the town saw a boom in the population due to the construction of the Granite the and the Roosevelt dams. The city continued to grow over the years as more people continued to move to the city and to take advantage of the land. The city of Scottsdale now has a large population and many people are coming to the area due to the high quality of life and the warm temperatures all year around. 

Scottsdale, Arizona has a popular of 217,385 people. There are over 7.5 million visitors to the city and this town is home to over 70 resorts and 15,000 rooms for guests to stay in. this is the 91st largest city in the United States and the average income per person is $54,000. This is higher than most of the state. 

The city has a southwest design that comes from history. The theme comes from close contact with Mexico. Many people move from Mexico and they bring their heritage and styles with them. There are also items in the landscape that influence the design in Scottsdale. There is plenty of adobe, clay, and other natural items that influence the design. The hot temperature brings a need for cool structures as well as irrigation systems. Scottsdale is a paradise that is located in the middle of a desert. 

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